(diagnostics, drug discovery & development)

(diagnostics, drug discovery & development)

ISNTD d3 will address the drug discovery, development and diagnostics equation over two days.


Registration will take place between 8.30am to 8.50am on Tuesday May 16th and on Wednesday May 17th.


Presentations & panel discussions will run from 9.00am on both days, and partnership meetings can be arranged throughout the day. Please contact krafiq@isntd.org for further details including speaking & attending and to become a conference sponsor.


DRAFT PROGRAMME PDF DOWNLOAD (Please note that we are still adding to this)

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Day 1: 16th May 2017

Drug Discovery & Development

Day 2: 17th May 2017


Keynote address: Sir Roy Anderson (Imperial College London)


Session 1 - Pipeline, platforms & current gaps in treatment for diseases of poverty


Pipeline & platforms


• Dr. Benny Baeten (J&J Global Health)

Progress with Flubendazole and Mebendazole for Oncho/STH


• Dr. Ivan Scandale (DNDi)

Update on DNDi’s filarial portfolio


• Dr. Kelly Johnston (AWOL & Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)

A. WOL Macrofilaricidal Drug Discovery project


• Rachel Clare (AWOL & Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)

Industrial scale screening of 1.3 million compounds against Wolbachia (a drug target for lymphatic filariasis and onchocerciasis)


Current gaps in NTD drug discovery & treatment


• Pr. David Sattelle (University College London)

Dihydrobenz[e][1,4]oxazepin-2(3H)-ones, a new anthelmintic chemotype immobilising whipworm and reducing infectivity in vivo


• Dr Mallika Lavania (Stanley Browne Laboratories / The Leprosy Mission England & Wales)

Molecular patterns of multi-drug resistant Mycobacterium Leprae from Indian leprosy patients


• Dr. Angela Loyse (St George's, University of London)

Treatment gaps in cryptococcal meningitis


Roundtable discussion: Current gaps & research priorities for NTD drug discovery  

Chair - Duc H. Le (Editor in Chief - EBio Medicine)


Coffee Break


Session 2: Vaccines for NTDs


• Clarke Cole (Access to Medicine Foundation)

Access to Vaccines Index: The first landscape of company action to increase access to vaccines


• Dr. Ben Makepeace (University of Liverpool)

The Onchocerciasis Vaccine for Africa Initiative: The whys, woes and weapons for immunising against river blindness


• Dr. Valerie Oriol Mathieu (Janssen Vaccines & Prevention)


• Enwono Eyoh (University of Edinburgh)

Why don't we have a vaccine for schistosomiasis, and the way forward


• Dr. Judith Kallenberg (GAVI)

Accelerating access to vaccines for the developing world: Gavi’s Vaccine Investment Strategy




Session 3: Clinical Trials: Technology, designing and conducting trials in affected countries


• Pr. Christian Burri (Swiss TPH)

• Dr. Magda Moutaftsi (EDCTP)

• Andrew Wyborn (Greenmash)


Clinical Trials Workshop


Coffee Break


Session 4: From Open Labs to Open Source: models for collaboration


• Ignacio Willats (HackScience)

 HackScience: bringing research to the world faster

• Paul Willis (MMV)


Open Source Workshop



Roundtable discussion: Global partnerships & collaboration for discovery and development 


• Chair: Jayasree Iyer (Access to Medicine Foundation)

• Dr. Magda Moutaftsi (EDCTP)

• Dr. Ivan Scandale (DNDi)

• Dr. Paul Willis (MMV)

• Dr. Valerie Oriol Mathieu (Janssen Vaccines & Prevention)

• Dr. Kelly Johnston (LSTM)

• Dr. Iain Gardiner (NHM)

• Dr. Judith Kallenberg (GAVI)








Session 1: New frontiers in diagnostic development: unmet needs


Session 1: New frontiers in diagnostic development: unmet needs and opportunities


• Keynote speech: Pr. Rosanna Peeling (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)

The Future of Diagnostics for NTDs


• Dr. Laurence Flevaud (Médecins Sans Frontières)

Diagnostic tools unmet needs, how to boost the development


• Dr. Xavier Ding (FIND Diagnostics)

Defining the next generation of Plasmodium vivax diagnostic tests for control and elimination: target product profiles


• Dr. Ole Lagatie (Janssen Diagnostics)

Onchocerciasis & soil-transmitted helminths diagnostics



Session 2: Technology & Data for Diagnostics in field: practicalities & challenges


• Blaine Doyle (GlowDx)

What’s the Point-of-care-ing about data?


• Andrew Wyborn (Greenmash)

Using mobile technology to improve data collection, reporting and programme performance


• Dr. Harriet Glindon (i-sense)

i-sense: developing mobile-connected diagnostic devices through engineering partnerships



Session 3: Diagnostics for NTDs: innovation & solutions 

• Dr. Jim Mulry (Merck)


• Dr. Simone Kann (Maximillian University Würzburg)

Changing Chagas: Diagnosis and Monitoring by a new, high-specific Real-Time PCR


• Dr. Bonnie Webster (Natural History Museum)

Molecular diagnostics for schistosomiasis


• Dr. Rita Oliveira (Imperial College London)

Community-wide cross sectional study of STH in Bungoma, Western Kenya: Comparing standard and molecular diagnostics for STH


• Dr. Stephan Goetz (Iceni Diagnostics)



Session 4: Challenges, opportunities and impact of OneHealth Diagnostics

• Dr. William de Glanville (University of Liverpool)

Diagnostic challenges for the neglected zoonotic diseases


• Dr. Fiona Allan (Natural History Museum)

Monitoring schistosomiasis transmission using snail intermediate hosts


• Dr. Victor del Rio Vilas (University of Surrey)

Inter-laboratory proficiency exercises and data integration in the road to rabies elimination