(diagnostics, drug discovery & development)

(diagnostics, drug discovery & development)

ISNTD d3 will address the drug discovery, development and diagnostics equation over two days.


Registration will take place between 8.30am to 8.50am on Tuesday May 16th and on Wednesday May 17th.


Presentations & panel discussions will run from 9.00am on both days, and partnership meetings can be arranged throughout the day. Please contact krafiq@isntd.org for further details including speaking & attending and to become a conference sponsor.


isntd d3 collage



Day 1: 16th May 2017

Drug Discovery & Development

Day 2: 17th May 2017


Keynote address: pipeline overview & future direction


Session 1: Pipeline, mechanisms, targets & platforms 


• Pr. Alan Fairlamb (University of Dundee)

• Dr. Benny Baeten (J&J Global Health)

• Dr. Emma Murphy (AWOL & Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)

• Pr. David Sattelle (University College London)


Session 2: Vaccines for NTDs


• Clarke Cole (Access to Medicine Foundation)

• Pr. Qijun Chen (College of Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Shengyang)


Session 3: Workshops


a. Clinical Trials: Biomarkers, designing and conducting trials in affected countries


• Pr. Christian Burri (Swiss TPH)


b. Tools & strategies for Flaviviruses (dengue, Zika, yellow fever, West Nile...)


Session 4: From Open Labs to Open Source: models for collaboration


• Ignacio Willats (HackScience)


Roundtable discussion: Global partnerships & collaboration for discovery and development 


• Jayasree Iyer (Access to Medicine Foundation)

• Pr. Mark Taylor (AWOL & Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)

• Dr. Magda Moutaftsi (EDCTP)

• Ivan Scandale (DNDi)







Session 1: Point of care diagnostics: practicalities and challenges


Session 2: Biomarkers: strategies, partnerships & collaborations


Session 3: Workshops


Session 4: Data for diagnostics


Roundtable discussion: Diagnostics & the road to elimination




• Pr. Rosanna Peeling (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)

• Dr. Jim Mulry (Merck)

• Blaine Doyle (Glow DX)

• Dr. Bonnie Webster (Natural History Museum London)

• Dr. Fiona Allan (Natural History Museum)