(diagnostics, drug discovery & development)

(diagnostics, drug discovery & development)



1.4 billion people worldwide are affected by Neglected Tropical Diseases, a group of 17 diseases which thrive in resource-poor settings and areas associated with poverty. That's 1 in 6 people affected globally and about 3 billion at risk and yet the last decades have seen disproportionately small progress in terms of commitment to new drug development - from pipeline to clinical trials to market:


  • 12% of the global disease burden is accounted for by NTDs, malaria and tuberculosis - highly co-endemic diseases


  • Yet only 1.3% of new drugs developed by the global pharmaceutical sector over three decades were directly aimed at these diseases


  • These mechanisms exist in R&D and patent frameworks which have not provided sufficient incentives for the necessary R&D expenditure and have effectively priced any new medicine out of reach of affected countries




  • Recent initiatives including open patent pools, drug libraries and genetic sequencing projects are driving the early discovery processes and encouraging innovation


  • In addition, the London Declaration of January 2012 brought together the largest pharmaceutical companies with international politicians and heads of global health organisations in a commitment to provide increased treatments and funding for R&D to control, eliminate or even eradicate ten NTDs by 2020



At this turning point in terms of drug discovery & development for NTDs, the International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases is presenting ISNTD d3 to address the past shortfalls in R&D productivity and drive the development of future paths towards successful gains in the control, treatment or evaluation of NTDs.


ISNTD d3 will bring togther experts from within drug discovery and clinical trials to drive the debate and foster new partnerships & alliances leading to tangible outcomes in terms of new therapies to combat these diseases.


ISNTD d3 also aims to accelerate the networking required for the development & distribution of new or improved drugs, vaccines, microbicides and diagnostics against the NTDs by bringing focus onto the phase II and III clinical trials taking place or set to take place potentially in affected countries.


The ISNTD is committed to the reality of the patients experiences and recognises the high co-endemicity and co-infections with other diseases including HIV, TB and malaria - therefore these are always an integral part of discussions within ISNTD conferences as crucial partners for NTD control.


The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases is an independent and not-for-profit organisation providing a multidisciplinary global platform to alleviate the burden of NTDs on the world's poorest and most vulnerable, with the ultimate goal of reaching sustainable healthcare provision & poverty reduction in the developing world.


The Society believes that this goal cannot be achieved without strengthening the ties between all the parties already involved in NTD alleviation and addressing the socio-ecological and socio-political context of NTDs, in order to achieve not only the cure but also the prevention of NTDs with true and sustainable local leadership.


As a result, the Society has developed a vibrant, proactive and international Membership base and facilitates the development of concrete partnerships throughout its network and activities.


In this ethos, the International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases aims to:


  • generate awareness & critical debate in endemic and non-endemic countries of NTDs


  • increase the exposure of researchers, charities and organisations that make up the backbone of field work and outreach to the affected countries


  • draw attention and interest to the various global research programmes and institutions in order to increase funding and practical assistance


  • address each aspect of NTDs in a comprehensive, holistic and multidisciplinary manner by driving the interconnect between organisations and disciplines


Membership is open to all with an interest in NTDs and global health and starts from £30 annually.


More information on the society and membership can be found at www.isntd.org.